Activity Instructions

The Web is used by many different kinds of people across the world. In this activity, we would like you to reflect on your use of the Web, and evaluate its impact on your life.

To get a clearer view of the kind of benefit that you get from the Web, use this tool to see which sites you visit the most. You'll need to use a desktop or laptop computer to do this activity as it isn't possible to copy and paste your browsing history on a mobile.

Cut and paste your recent browsing activity from your browser's Show History page into the red box on the right to summarise your web history and show you a pie chart of the top sites that you use. What kind of sites do you visit most? What kinds of service do they provide you? What interests of yours and what areas of your life is the Web involved in, or not involved in?

Can you think of a way of visualising your conclusions as a chart or diagram so that you can share it with other participants in the discussion step that follows?

Please note that your browsing data remains entirely private as no data is sent to the server; all the calculations and visualisations are performed in JavaScript, locally, on your computer.

History Visualiser